Welcome to Play Everything

Self-directed, open-ended play is essential to our happiness and development – no matter how young or old we are.

When adults help to create, maintain, improve and advocate for children’s opportunities for play, that is playwork.

Playworkers remove barriers that stand between children and play – physical, social or attitudinal –  in a variety of ways and locations, coming from and drawing upon a range of disciplines.

We are all invested in children’s happiness and whether we’re parents, professionals or simply adults who care we are able to help.  By building physical and social landscapes where children live with more joy, curiosity, friendship and freedom, we’re making a world that’s better for all of us – now and into the future.

5 responses to “Welcome to Play Everything

  1. Some really thoughtful information – many thanks

  2. Delighted to have found your page. I recently wrote a blog on play from my own experience aimed mainly at the nanny/client readership for my nanny agency. I’ve just added a link to your page for its excellent content and for the wonderful range of links you have. Many thanks.

    • playeverything

      Thank you very much, Susan! I have a good friend who has been both a nanny and a playworker and I have to agree with your comment on how the phrase “you don’t work, you just play with children” undervalues both the work we do, and the importance of play in children’s lives!

      I’ve added a link to your site as well.



  3. It’s so funny- a lot of people think you have to give kids toys with specific purposes, but kids are a lot more resourceful and creative then we give then credit for, especially in nature. I used to pretend that pinecones were currency and trade them with my friends!

    • playeverything

      That’s a lovely story! And I agree – it’s so much more interesting to see what children will do, rather than making sure they do “what they’re supposed to”. What a limiting idea that one is!

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