The Snowiest Day

Today was a marvelous day to be in London.s3010015

With no buses and few trains running there was nothing for a play anthropologist to do but join her friends in “working from home” and have a massive snowball fight in Victoria Park.

There were so many snowmen around in child and adult sizes that it felt like we were joining their party rather than building them as ours.  There were a couple large snow sofas, a number of giant snowballs that had grown too large to stack one on top the other, and even a Snow Queen to put Narnia to shame.


There were a lot of children playing out with their parents, but they seemed to be outnumbered by groups of adults engaged in large-scale snow construction, making snow angels and walloping one another with ice.   There’s nothing like snow for turning the everyday surroundings into a magical (and poignantly transient) playscape.  The whole world is muffled and sparkling white, and the snow lends itself beautifully to building, sliding, packing, throwing and tasting.

However my favorite sight was when we returned from the park, cold and picking our way carefully in the dimming light.  It was too dark to take a picture, but at the end of one road a giant snow ball had been rolled out into the street.  A snow bollard that, until it melts or is cleared away, turns one short urban street into a snowy homezone.


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