Tree Houses in the Daily Mail

This hilarious little article in yesterday’s Daily Mail was even better to read than their usual pieces – because one of my organisations is in it!

Islington Play Assocation got money from Big Lottery’s Playful Ideas fund to pay for a Tree House building playworker who will help children to build their own tree houses on a number of sites across the borough.  Some of these tree houses will be on Adventure Playgrounds and some in schools or other facilities, but all of them will be designed, built, used and adapted by the children.  We’re trying to reinvigorate a children’s culture of constructive play in a borough which struggles with a matrix of difficulties and deprivations.

The Mail it seems doesn’t know quite what to think about money for playworkers to encourage children to play out.  They seem caught between a “money being WASTED” approach, and one that bemoans the poor state of the world today.  I get the impression that they want children’s lives to match those in their nostalgic recollections, but are annoyed that the process of helping is so expensive.

You can read the article for yourself here.

Below is a photo from our recent party to launch the tree house project and to promote the Initial Findings from my own Play Improvement Project.  This project works with all 12 Adventure Playgrounds in Islington to improve access and inclusion so that more children can get onto the playgrounds, and enjoy a more diverse and challenging play environment once they’re there.


Me, speaking about the Play Improvement Project.


Me with IPA Staff Suzanne, Anita and Tammy, clustered around lifelong Islington resident and Guest Speaker Joe Swash.  Oh!  The glamour!


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