Eden Den Day

I recently organized a visit from the Eden Project to Paradise Park (my IPA stomping grounds) and it was a resounding success!

There are more pictures coming, but here are a few to start with.  Consider them play hors d’oeuvres.

During set-up:


They brought a giant gold butterfly as well, that was practically a den all by itself:


Some London pride and affection:


And a finished den with the proud designer/builders:


There are some more notes on the day to come, but one interesting comment was made by Philip Waters (the playworker from Eden) who noted that the children and parents in Islington was building their dens far closer together than those in Cornwall tend to.

Once he’d said that the truth of it was obvious.  The dens were huddled up so close to one another that some points touched, and the children ran between poles and swags of fabric, dodging and weaving down tight streets of their own making.


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