Warning: Reduction of Expanded Play Opportunities

Through the excellent Sociological Images blog came word of these fantastic alternative warning labels, made by Gever Tulley for Make Magazine.  The magazine itself is a wonderful source for super-crafty people, backed by some witty contributers who are as sharp as their X-acto knives.

I would love to print these out and sticker them all over some of the toys being offered as ‘must haves’ for the holidays.  I remember getting some of them when I was small and the disappointment of realizing that owning the thing wasn’t nearly as fun as the moment of receiving it.  We’re getting close to that classic ‘£49.95 on the toy and she just played with the box’ time of year, so support the people you know in making solid choices when it comes to their child’s play opportunities.


3 thoughts on “Warning: Reduction of Expanded Play Opportunities

  1. Morgan, thank you for the kind words. You might also like to have a look at my new book: “Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do).” It explores the notion that children become safer when you introduce them to danger in measured steps. Have a look at: http://www.fiftydangerousthings.com/

  2. I had this exact thing happen to me. We bought our daughter a “my sized Barbie” and she played with the box for two week. She did find much enjoyment, though in cutting barbie’s hair and painting her face later on. You know, I used to have so much fun as a child playing war with my brother, using sticks as guns, and dirt clods for explosives. I never had a BB gun, but if I had, maybe my imagination wouldn’t be as sharp today as it is….plus, i probably would have shot my eye out.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great to print these out as stickers and secretly stick them on a bunch of toys at Target or some other big department store? What a surprise parents would get when they went to purchase that oh so wanted toy for Christmas!

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