So I belong to a few different playwork and playtheory listserves, one of which is the Yahoo group Playwork Forum.  The emails tend to pile up for a few days and then I’ll go through them, skimming for a thread that interests me and then devouring it.  Yesterday I had a look, and found this posting:

From: playworkforum@yahoogroups.co.uk [mailto:playworkforum@yahoogroups.co.uk] On Behalf Of Ludy Snewlers
Sent: 01 April 2010 11:55

From: ludysnewlers@hotmail.co.uk
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 11:39:11 +0100

Launch of New and Innovative
Ffwl Ebrill OpenBook(c) Research Centre
for Play and Playwork
1st April 2010

Building on the historic and enduring tradition of five whole years of paradigm-shifting, ground-breaking, trans-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, mind-blowing, earth-shattering and uber-cool research into play and playwork, Professor Giles Vannila and Dr Ludy Snewlers are proud and humbled to announce that they have received approval and funding for a dedicated research centre.

Pathfinder Research Centre for the EU FP7 OpenBook(c) Research programme
The Ffwl Ebrill Research Centre will continue to build on its well-deserved reputation through further research projects. In addition, it has been selected as one of the European Union’s FP7 (7th Framework Programme) Pathfinder Centres for their OpenBook(c) research programme. OpenBook(c) builds on trends such as Open Source Software and Open Editing and is development method for research proposals and projects that allows for transparency of process and peer review. Anyone can submit proposals and carry out the research, as long as this is recorded on the OpenBook(c) research pages and is therefore subject to open editing. As leaders in the Play and Playwork OpenBook(c) Research Strand, the Ffwl Ebrill Research Centre is also planning t establish a sister project to develop an open edited Ludopedia.

The Centre will consider proposals across a range of positivist and constructivist research epistemologies, including but not restricted to:

* Ludopharmacology

* Ludocriminology

* Ludosophy

* Psycholudics

* Socioludics

* Geoludics

* Anthropoludics

* Ludology

* Ludography

* Ludosciences

* Ludogogy

* Ludicity

* Ludoquicquid

Annual Timetable

The OpenBook(c) Research pages will go live on 1st April 2010. Proposals can be posted onto the pages at any time until the closing date of PlayDay each year (the day before Play Day, that is, the first Tuesday of August). No further proposal will be accepted after this date. Those who have registered on the research pages can comment on proposals at any time during the open season, and can offer their time and expertise in the event of funding. Successful proposals will be announced on 1st November. Research reports must be uploaded to the research pages to be published on 1st April each year.

The Ffwl Ebrill OpenBook(c) Research Centre research pages can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php gid=113302415347934


I read it very quickly the first time, thinking ‘anthropoludology!’ and getting nerdily excited.  “I don’t even know what some of those ARE,” I thought, thrilled, cataloging the ways in which play theory could overlap with other disciplines, with geography and pharmacology as well as sociology and criminology.

Have you caught it?  It wasn’t until I hurried to the posts that followed it that I realized, and then I felt pretty gullible.  I’d been April Fooled.

Hopefully some day soon the pursuit of all these ludologies won’t seem quite so… ludicrous.


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