Play Camps!

People really stepped up with some amazing suggestions about play-based or playful summer camp options. 

In no particular order, we have:

The Yurt Farm in Australia (thanks, ProgressiveEarlyChildhood!)

The Tinkering School, in California – established by Gever Tulley of Fifty Dangerous Things fame

A Curious Summer, also in California

And for those who are now stoked to start their own summer camp for local kids, Mike Lanza of Playborhood has a superb posting of how-tos, advice and inspiration.

Please pass along any more!


2 thoughts on “Play Camps!

  1. I just read the page for A Curious Summer–it reminds me of a 2-week program I did called “Adventure Camp.” It was run out of a private school, and it was pretty fabulous. We basically did a different thing every day–one day was law day (courthouse, minimum-security prison, police station), another day we went to a museum, and it culminated with an overnight bike trip in Maine. It was rad–I remember not loving everything, but it was pretty fun. The prison visit was particularly striking–I remember it really well.

    And though it seems a little counter-intuitive, I also loved my other summer spent there–like I said, it was a private school, so they had summer classes. The next summer, I did pottery in the morning and tennis in the afternoon, and I brought lunch with me. It wasn’t so camp-y, because there wasn’t really a solidarity between people taking courses, but I thought it was fun, and a good combination of things I liked (well, I ended up not liking tennis, but it was fun while it lasted). The school was the Belmont Hill School– We chose it because my mom could drive me there on her way to work.

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