Landing with a thump

Having returned to the UK, I was sad that one of the first emails to greet me was to do with the threatened closure of Irvine Adventure Playground in California.

Irvine is one of only a handful of Adventure Playgrounds in the US.  Open for more than thirty years, Irvine has consistently provided enthusiastic, messy play for local children, with a water slide and very popular mud pit.

It closed for renovation work for the last two years, so I couldn’t visit it on this trip, but locals were dismayed to recently hear that the closure might be permanent.  The State has faced desperate financial trouble, without a doubt, but many people don’t know or don’t yet understand how Adventure Playgrounds provide uniquely beneficial (and yes, cost-effective) play opportunities for children.

The Playground has a website here, and there was an article in the local paper.

If you want to contact the City Council representative, details are below:

Mayor Sukhee Kang
And the phone number is (UK code 001) 949 624 6233.

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