I was recently swallowed by work, and entirely taken up by the thrill of getting a new project off the ground.

Check it out!

It started in May of 2010, when Sharon Unis and I met at the New York Coalition for Play.  We brainstormed all kinds of ways to embed playwork and free play in the New York City landscape, and one pilot was the Pop-Up Adventure Playground at the Ultimate Block Party.  I posted about it here.

Pop-Up Adventure Play has now grown out of the Coalition and become its own non-profit project, attracting new partners and collaborators all the time. There are events scheduled for this summer in New York City and in Boston, and a series of free, phone-in introductions to the model and concept. The next is Wednesday, March 2nd at 7pm ET.  It will provide more information for anyone interested in the process and benefits of putting together community-based free play events and, even though it’s an awkward time for those in the UK, future calls will be scheduled for different times and a recording should be available afterwards if you contact us.

We are hoping to bring together a variety of people interested in community-based play opportunities for children, and how individuals and organizations can come together to help create a whole landscape that children can access, thrive in, and make their own.


2 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. Congratulations on your new project. I think it is fabulous, and have already shared it on my facebook page and noted down the loose parts you used so I can add them to our playground at preschool.

  2. Hi,ive just discovered your new initiative.I am adding your site to my links page and others on my site.Would be obliged if you would kindly reciprocate.All the very best for your future success.
    Ray Wills

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