Playstock – Woooooo!

I’ve mentioned the upcoming IPA2011 Conference before – and I couldn’t be more excited about that.  I get to present on Ethnographic Playwork, meet fascinating people from all over the world, and generally return to Cardiff with a sense of splash.

It was thrilling to recently discover that this isn’t the only amazing, glorious happening in Cardiff that week.  If you haven’t heard about it already, prepare to get your mind blown.


Cardiff Arts Institute, Tuesday 5th from 9 – 5:30, and NOW (by popular demand) additional time on Wednesday 6th.

From the official information:

Where did the idea come from?

A lot of playwork folk are, like me, pining for the pilgrimage to PlayWales’ ‘Spirit of Adventure Play’ conference. ‘Spirit’ is the old-school, adventure playwork event, every year in May, except it was cancelled this year to make way for IPA. Now a lot of people can’t make it to IPA for all sorts of reasons, most of which are about money, and jobs, and pay, and work issues, oh, and the recession, which we are all in together. And in any case IPA is not the same – it’s a prestigious—dare I say more ‘academic’—conference, more for people who study children’s play, or work in a range of disciplines, and playwork is only one part of that.

It’s going to be a ‘fringe conference’, in the way that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival offers an edgier, more alternative complement to the ‘official’ festivities, and I can vouch for the organizers and participants as the most passionate, literate (play and otherwise) and fabulously hardcore people you’ve ever met in the play field or any other.

As I said to my friend Rusty when passing him the information – you have to come.  It’s going to be a SCENE.

For more information, check out the Facebook event and group pages, or email the core ‘organisy’ people:

The inimitable Eddie Nuttal:

The superbeous Arthur Battram:


One thought on “Playstock – Woooooo!

  1. I never saw your embarassingly lovley praise until just now! Thanks. hope it didn’t disappoint too much. It was a ‘xconversational experiment’ linked to my experiments related to this question/s:

    Is it possible [does anyone want] a natioanl play+playwork+allied trades discussion forum on the interweb?

    Is it possible to use yahoo groups or google groups( and website) and facebook to organise an event (answer was YES!) to organise something national or has FB largely privatised the need for it, with its much more human habit oriented approach?

    And such.

    Still a question I mull over…

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