Happy Play Day!

Here in the UK it’s National Play Day – so whether you’re here or abroad, take some time to go outside in the sunshine!  Play with your friends, and maybe make some new ones.

This year, they’ve decided not to have a theme but to instead focus on the diversity of what makes play important.

As usual, events are happening around the country and serving as both celebrations of play and part of a campaign for children’s right to play on a national level.

From the Play Day website:

Playday is ultimately about having fun, and it can also make a huge difference for children in your community.

We will be taking the opportunity to make the case for play on a national level so that children can play not just on Playday, but all year round. You may also want to do the same – are there local issues that are having an impact on children’s opportunity to play? You could use the Playday campaign to:

      • Fight cuts to play funding
      • Press for local improvements to play
      • Save a local play space
      • Encourage your community to work together to support play

They offer lots of helpful resources, so make use of them and help make your neighborhood – and your country! – better for children’s play (and even adults’ too).


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