Come and see me at Conferences!

I do a fair few conferences (most recently the Playwork Conference in Eastbourne) and here’s a heads-up for two more!

The first is the Spirit of Adventure Play right here in Cardiff – can’t wait to return after a year’s hiatus to make way for last summer’s IPA 50th Anniversary extravaganza.  I’ll be presenting on the Pop-Up Play Shop, showing pictures and clips not seen on the website, and talking through some of the ideas, experiences and lessons of those action-packed 6 months. Awesome!

The second is Beauty of Play, where I’ll be doing something a little bit different.  At Eastbourne Meynell asked me to present something called “My Understanding of Play”.  I did dangerous thing there and suggested for discussion a link that I hadn’t yet worked out myself.  After much consideration, I submitted a proposal to explore it further at Beauty.

Mum – if you’re reading this, now might be a good time to go make some tea instead.

The abstract for Beauty is as follows:

Let’s talk about sex
Curious researcher would like to meet similarly-minded playworkers for a frank and open discussion of the ways in which play and human sexuality overlap.  Disclosure of personal details not required, but a good sense of humour is essential.  Together we’ll discuss playing the field, playing for both teams, being a player (and getting played), role play and much more.  We’ll create a supportive environment so you won’t have to just play with yourself unless, you know, that’s what you’re into.

Proposed topics to include consent, cues, boundaries, curiosity, improvisation, instinct and embodiment.

Perry called it “spicy”!


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