Tourism fun!

Our first day in Istanbul was spent pootling around, seeing the sights and reuniting with the lovely Hale.

Here is the main road between our hotel and train station:

Here is a display of strawberries, almonds and greengages – which in Turkish are called “eric” and eaten fresh and crunchy and not yet very sweet.

The Bosphorus Bridge:

And Taksim, which is a gorgeous area full of cafes, where tourists and locals come to look at the bridge and the sweet little buildings, buy reasonably priced jewelry and eat the local delicacy – jacket potatoes stuffed with everything!

When we stopped for a coffee, Hale told my fortune from the grounds of my Turkish coffee.

Of course, what she said is a secret (fortuneteller – client confidentiality), as is the content of the wish that I wrote and tied to the tree outside beside our table.

Okay, okay – I know you people don’t come here for a bunch of pictures of my just having a good time!

Here are some pictures of other people having a good time, on the government-sponsored play equipment right in the middle of Taksim.

And this….  genuinely baffling article, which was set outside of a cafe without any explanation and then ignored, until a bunch of playworkers came along and photographed it like crazy.



2 thoughts on “Tourism fun!

  1. Hey Morgan

    Glad you all had a great time, how come you lot went on this trip? What was it for? Does Meynell put it on every year?

    I’m thinking of starting up a blog, would you recommend using wordpress?

    Lily 🙂

    1. Meynell puts on a bunch of different trips – they go all over! I’d really recommend looking into it, they’re an amazing opportunity to get a look at how other countries “do” play and to spend time with some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet.

      In terms of wordpress, I’ve had a 95% brilliant experience with it. It’s easy to start but some small things are weirdly impossible and completely infuriating. Some people hate it, and there are times when I can’t blame them!

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