Somewhere in here are the makings of a wonderful fort

For anyone who’s been wondering, the great Saxby Family Relocation is nearly complete!  After a day to pack then clean then drive south, followed by two days of taking things off the truck, we’re totally at home!  All boxes are emptied, all pictures hung on the walls, and my folks and I are off to the beach.

I’m totally kidding!

This is the Dining Room.  What – you mean you couldn’t tell?

So, moving takes time.  This is especially true in the early stages when it’s like one of those travel games, the kind in which you need to move all the pieces to reach the piece you need.

Outside of these cardboard canyons is a beautiful landscape.  From my window I can see and smell flowers, and jasmine blows in.

The view from the front is pretty sweet, across a mill pond to the railway bridge beyond.

There’s lots to go exploring – I’ll need a boat of my own, I think, for all the Famous Five, Over Sea Under Stone type adventures I’ve got planned.

There are also swans that will apparently take brown bread straight from your hand.

I’ll be spending more time with my folks this summer than previous years, helping them settle in.  My head’s full of ideas churning about, and this seems like a good place to put some of them to paper.

Just as soon as I find the fittings for my desk.


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