First day back in NYC

What a day!

I flew in Tuesday and, thanks to the miracle of West-bound air travel, arrived only three hours after I left Heathrow.  My first day in NYC was, to say the least, fairly dazzling.

The first meeting was at MoMA, where Sharon and I heard more about their amazing-sounding exhibition called Century of the Child AND planned for the Pop-Up Adventure Playground that we’re doing in collaboration with them Friday, August 10th.  As an art nerd and former NYC resident, I can’t tell you how warm and proud this collaboration makes me – or how excited I am to check out the exhibition itself!

The second was at Mother’s in Williamsburg – a detail I am including only because they served the BEST sweet potato fries I have ever had – with the wonderful ladies from Microtopia.  Our Pop-Up Adventure Playground was next to their site on Governor’s Island during last summer’s FIGMENT Festival, and we’re looking to see what other chances we might have to play together soon.

In the evening we went to  an event at Flux Factory called “Your Neighborhood, Who Decides?”  People from 596 Acres spoke about the vast numbers of publicly owned vacant lots in the city – 596 Acres in Brooklyn alone (hence the name) – and the tools that they’ve developed to help community groups organize around them.  Does anyone know of an organization like this in the UK?

After all of that, it’s no surprise that jet lag finally hit and I fell asleep on the train back, leaping up for my stop just in time.


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