On living offline… and getting manicures

Since I last wrote I have done a number of things away from my computer.

  • I found a new favorite quote at the American Folk Art Museum.  “You have to do something wonderful, so people know who you are.”  (William Hawkins)
  • I was the surprise guest at a family reunion in Boston, where we celebrated no fewer than 5 people’s birthdays at once
  • I finally met Carolina of Bellelli Educacion – after emailing back and forth for nearly 2 years
  • I was caught out in a crazy storm and stranded by flash flooding.  The lightning struck so close that car alarms were set off in the street
  • I swam in a reservoir, illegally, which made it approximately three times as much fun as swimming legally
  • And finally, last night, I got the BEST MANICURE EVER.

My love of crazy-bright nail polish may not be widely known – though you can spot my favorite florescent pink in the last seconds of our Pop-Up Adventure Play video.  When I was a child I used Tinkerbell purple glitter polish that peeled off when it was dry, and I remember sitting on the metal poles, warm from the afternoon sun, and dropping rubbery purple disks one at a time onto the dusty wood chips below.  When I got older I fell heavily into jewelry but playwork makes dangly earrings and heavy necklaces impractical, so I needed another way of brightening myself up.

Re-enter, nail polish.

For me, one of the great charms about nail polish is that it’s the only thing in the make-up aisle that makes me feel like a kid again.  It’s bright!  Shiny!  So many colors!  It’s the only thing there that isn’t designed to make me look younger, thinner or less blemishy.  Nail polish doesn’t say anything other than “hey, you, with the fingernails!  Want to paint yourself strange colors?  We’ve got glitter!”

Last night though, my friend Sarah Short took my nails to a level I didn’t even know existed.

Check it out.

Penguins! When I ‘walk’ my fingers, they march.
Ladybugs? Ladybirds? Whatever you call them, they’re deeply adorable.
Watermelon – for when the penguins and ladybirds get hungry?

For me, it’s things like this that fulfill the promises of adulthood.  Yes, there are difficult and boring things that need to get handled but sometimes the childish hopes you’d had are luxuriously fulfilled.  Sometimes you DO eat cake for dinner, stay up as late as you want, and paint yourself with tiny glossy animals that make you impossibly happy every time you notice them.


4 thoughts on “On living offline… and getting manicures

  1. This is impressive! Did Sarah use a nail brush for the tiny details? Being a broke-ass grad student again, I’m all about doing my own nails and reading between coats.

    1. She used a nail art brush – so yeah, skinny one, but not a pen. The pens are rubbish! I opened one and it splurted gold all over me.

      She also said that dipping toothpicks can work very well, and if you get the ones with flat points then they’re perfect for doing eyeballs.

  2. Hi Morgan, welcome back! The whole painting fingernails thing passes me by (in my man-ness!), though this opens up whole avenues into the girl-child psyche . . .

    “hey, you, with the fingernails! Want to paint yourself strange colors? We’ve got glitter!”

    I totally get the ‘eat cake for dinner’ perspective. 🙂

    1. Ha – well, I fully support people of all genders in making themselves brighter. The main thing about nails I think is that they’re 20 little canvases for awesome.

      I AM back and posting again, thanks for the wave! 🙂

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