With Pop-Up Adventure Play

I’m never quite sure whether to post on what I’ve been doing as part of Pop-Up Adventure Play here – although all about children’s play, playwork and community practice, it sometimes feels like a slightly different hat from this one.  Nonetheless, it’s a hat I’m very proud of, so here are some notes on a couple of recent successes and interesting projects.

1.  In August, we did an event with the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, creating a pop-up adventure playground as outreach for their Century of the Child: Growing by Design 1900-2000 exhibition.  It was an amazing day that makes me grin ridiculously every time I think about it.


They put a video of it on their blog.  Take a look!

2.  Pop-Up Adventure Play (UK) became a Real Live Charity!  It took a lot of time, emailing and paperwork but now it’s official.  We’ve entered into a new phase, and this registration number gives us lots of thrilling options for funding and partnerships.

3.  Marc Armitage asked us to organize a speaking tour around the East Coast of America!  This is super exciting, and a really great way to share some of the knowledge and practice of the UK playwork approach with our friends and colleagues in the US.  We are taking bookings on his behalf in NYC, Boston and DC for March 2013 and, if you’re reading this from one of those areas and are interested in learning more, check this out or email with questions.

4.  The Global Network has been a pet project of mine for awhile now, and we successfully launched in beta version 6th October.  Participants receive a pack of resources, plus 3 hours of Skype mentoring and support, to help them create their own community-based pop-up adventure playground.

There are members in Costa Rica, Colombia, Egypt and Mexico so far.  Some were part of the Caine’s Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge, and some “just because”.

Quotes have been wonderful, with Nido of the Altamira School in Barranquilla, Colombia saying:

“The experience was amazing just from the beginning: planning, gathering of materials, organizing materials. We were all excited about what was coming…
It was a wonderful life experience for every single person that assisted. Children and adults we were all sharing the spirit of play.”

And here is another video, of one of the many pop-ups created by Bellelli Educacion in Costa Rica.  Carolina has been an amazing friend and collaborator for us from our very first days and is a truly inspiring person.

This is by no means all that we’ve been up to – also a market-style Pop-Up Play Shop with Play Torbay (part of Children’s Week) and a Jubilee Street Party!  There’s even more than that happening, because I’m writing this from Belgium – but more about that, next time.

You can read more about Pop-Up Adventure Play’s adventures here, on the organization’s blog, and peek at my visit to Manchester with Suzanna Law and Marc Armitage here, and also here and here.


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