Starting to settle

So, like I said earlier I’ve been finding it hard lately to write.

Usually, I need a sense of sudden clarity to get started – the belief, however tenuous, that I have something specific to say or ask.  Lately though my mind’s felt like a tray of seedlings.  There’s something happening, but it’s mostly in the dark and early shoots give little information of what’s to come.

In the absence of that clarity, I’ve been reading lots and lots.  To extend the metaphor above to its breaking point, I’ve been mulching.  Here are some samples, drawn from my open tabs and bedside table.

“Does Truth Have a Tone?”, in which Lauren Alleyne interviews Jamaica Kincaid.

“Floral Experiments”, in which Suzanna turns flowers different colours.

“I Defaulted on my Student Loans”

and this, which shows drawings done by Onfim, a child in Medieval Novgorod.

In terms of books, I’ve been pretending to read Different Drum: Community Making and Peace by M. Scott Peck while actually reading Room by Emma Donaghue.   There may be quotes from one or both here very soon. 


One thought on “Starting to settle

  1. Peck is interesting. If you are getting into communities – study of, helping of, there are more practical places to look.

    “my mind[…] felt like a tray of seedlings.” I really like that. fits with my own views on creativity. incubation is an under-rated part of the process.
    if I have something I’m trying to work on, I will often focus on it, try to improve my understanding of it [developing a better question] then I leave it. I literally sleep on it. the next day, or a few days later the seedling emerges.

    well said.

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