Happy 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone!  And only a little late.

Do you ever wonder why we mark new years in the middle of winter?  I’ve been thinking about this while walking through our current fluffy blizzard, in urgent search of eggs and home fries.  (Btw, mission accomplished).  It might seem to make more sense to begin counting new days from early spring, from snowdrops and warming days, and many cultures chose March instead.  But I like this Janus-date because it seems to reflect the nature of things in their beginning.  Seeds burst in soil and darkness, ideas form in that warm confusion deep in the mind.  Things are born secretly, small and quiet, and have long been growing by the time we notice their existence.  New years offer pure potential, fresh starts and new challenges.  They are arbitrary, yes, but so is every line in the sand, every decision to separate yesterday from today or today from tomorrow.

This blog has been somewhat quiet of late, but that will be changing.  I’ve mentioned the tour already, but not that it will span more than 8 weeks, include at least 12 headliner gigs and undoubtedly be the most ambitious plan we’ve ever launched.  We’ll be documenting this online, of course, and I urge everyone interested in such things to follow our progress.  Please support or spread the word if you can.

I’ve also been working in a few different settings this year, some of them particularly challenging.  My little pile of paper scrap stories is growing, as is the nerve it takes to tell them.

For all of you, I wish the same that I wish for myself – a 2014 of bravery and kindness, friendships old and new, unexpected blessings, prosperity and generosity, meaningful work and gloriously frivolous play.  And, of course, glitter.


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