Great generosity


I mentioned in my last post about the awkwardness of putting your hand out.  I failed to mention the extraordinary kindness of people’s response.  So many have been generous however they could be, with cash or the time it takes to send an encouraging email.  Money is only ever as useful as what we do with it, and the whole point of this trip is to make connections.  The Amanda Palmer TED talk that Bernie recommended is an eloquent reminder of how asking forges connections too.

Then yesterday Kaboom! offered to match any funds we raise between that moment and Saturday, up to $2500.  That’s amazing!  And it puts the pressure back on us to keeping trying, keep opening that line.  Oh boy.

I was reflecting a little bit more on this, and remembering my afternoon shaking a bucket for the Cardiff Mardi Gras.  It had been a great day, and I felt that bothering people for their change as they passed through the gates was a small imposition.  But then, that was asking on behalf of someone else, while this campaign is to cover our own costs – the vehicle, gas/petrol and truck stop burritos as we hurtle across a very large country.  With all these tour stops booked we know it will go on regardless, but I still get jumpy because this isn’t what credit cards are for – unless it is?

Of course, no one goes into playwork to get rich – we do this work because we’re in love with it.  I’ve been told that I speak passionately about play and playwork (I think that means I go on a lot) and the reason is simply that I am, crazily passionate about it.  Playwork asks a lot of us, but giving it has given me far more.





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