The beast of training

There remains something scary about delivering training, no matter how many times I do it.  I always need to remind myself that good training isn’t really about passing along information so much as helping people have realizations of their own.  Every workshop is a living thing, and I am slowly trying to learn its ways.

So as to encourage, rather than startle, this creature I suggest the following:

  • tell stories
  • allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • be brave

These will help participants do the same.

Once you have placated the beast, you can nudge it along and give encouragements.  A great workshop is not about your own expertise (which is always relative) but about giving everyone the chance to share experiences and find new ways of thinking.

With this in mind you can help keep this noble, wild creature on the path and gently steer it towards the nice pasture that you had intended all along.


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