Leaving Karenville

I’ve been wrapping up an amazing summer here in Ithaca, preparing for a return to academics and the road.  But before I leave, I wanted to share some images of where I’ve been staying in these last gift-like days of summer.

Sometimes I begin by telling people I live without electricity or running water, just to enjoy their look of horror, but that’s not really fair because this place is beautiful.


It’s called Karenville, and is a village of tiny houses built, unsurprisingly perhaps, by Karen.  She and her partner rent them out through AirBnB.

This one has been mine.


Before I was ever interested in play, I loved self-built architecture.  I used images of cob structures and gloriously weird, recycled homes in my first conference presentation on children’s dens, way back at PlayEd 2007.  So it means a great deal to have lived among these little buildings, and the woman who made them.

Tonight is my last sleep here for awhile, and my last look at the stars so dense they’re smudged across the sky.


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