Visiting The Land

Because really, isn’t there only one?

For anyone who hasn’t yet read this or watched Erin Davis’s AMAZING trailer, The Land is the name given to Plas Madoc Adventure Playground by the children who know it best.  Suzanna took me, because she’s wonderful.  She’s also made a short video here that you should definitely check out, right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

2014-10-14 15.08.48 2014-10-14 15.03.33 2014-10-14 14.48.38 2014-10-14 15.14.21


It’s hard to explain what’s so magical about a place like this, especially if you’re not already persuaded by all this weird junk alone.  It doesn’t make sense without the sight of children playing, the shouts of “watch me do this” and the crack of another pallet being smashed to bits for the fire.

We got there an hour or so before the children did, and it felt like the place was sleeping.  Then they arrived, riding their bikes standing up and hollering to their friends from the gate.  They flipped off the dirty mattress to show off tricks, and led us around on guided tours.

Everywhere was evidence of children.  Names carved out with nails, showing the colour beneath the paint.  Empty crisp packets stamped into the woodchips, lego pieces scattered under a hedge.  Everywhere was evidence that adults cared more for children’s sense of ownership than they did for the notion of ‘tidiness’.

This place is not tidy.  It is not polite.  It is, instead, whatever the children make it.




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