Are you in the Bay Area?

Because I am!  For a little while at least, and while I’m here I’d love to connect with play-enthusiasts, children’s advocates, adventurous explorers and other such fabulous people.

My base so far has been Pogo Park – a project which everyone should check out immediately.    A lot of organizations say that they’re community-based, but this one really means it.  They’ve been doing beautiful work in the Iron Triangle area of Richmond for seven years so far, and local residents tell me the changes have been extraordinary.

Their touchstone belief is that a good park can turn a neighborhood around – providing employment for residents, a welcoming haven and, of course, safe place for children to play.  It’s not for nothing that they were winners of the recent Google Impact Challenge.

They brought me here for a month, to model playwork practice and deliver a little training.  I’ve got my usual piles of notes to contend with, and so far have been learning at least as much as I’ve taught…

While I’m in the Bay Area, I’d love to build networks around play and non-directive play support – so if you fancy a phone call or coffee and chat, let me know!


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