Library love

After a short visit with Suzanna, I went to Leeds for a few days stay to hole up in campus library.  I was so impressed that it’s now open 24/7!  My first annual progression meeting is this week and there’s a lot of last minute preparation to do, refining my research questions, actually reading all those books I’ve been cautiously citing for the past year…  Surrounded by all those words, I felt I’d been swallowed by the whale of academia.

My only conversations during this time were when I passed another AirBnB guest staying on the sofa beside the kettle, and Ali at the fish and chip shop.  That meant that at all other times I was living inside my PhD work, walking the streets muttering about embodiment theory and counting off points on my fingertips.  A number of books on my topics had already been checked out – I’ve long thought that there should be an option within library systems, where you can sign up to be contactable by someone who finds they’re looking into similar notions as you.  A sort of nerd matchmaking service.

Then, gloriously, I returned to Suzanna’s house and met some of her friends.  One is the librarian at a school in Guernsey and told us that she’d put a copy of our book on their shelves!  Once home, she forwarded us this picture, and my response was an incoherent astonishment that came out in a blaring gaaaaaahhh noise, like a very pleased foghorn.

New Adventure Playground Movement


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