Creative writing in 2016

I’m back in Brattleboro, for a short time only but have been blissed out by bright cold sunshine and lavender-pink sunsets.  Today has been rainy but I still feel blessed by the comparative warmth because I have no idea in which box, in which house, my winter clothes are hiding.  I put on the thickest layers from my suitcase on my first day back and went out to the shops.  I bought apples and cheese and sweet potatoes, checked out some library books.  I spent as much time outside as possible, before the early sunset.

Long evenings encourage reflection, fireside confidences or hot drinks in palmed mugs.  We turn our faces up to the cold white moon and make promises to ourselves.  We ask for second chances (or thirds, or as many chances as there are winters and moons), and promise ourselves that this year will be different.  Some times it even works!

One promise I make every year is to make creative writing a personal priority.  Writing serves my mind like nothing else, venting off a kind of craziness that otherwise builds up until my muscles itch against my bones.  It’s become clear that this is a lesson I need to keep learning and forgetting, remembering and renewing.

So this year, I’m making a promise to myself and to anyone else who wants to participate.

For 2016, every week I’ll come up with open-ended writing prompts (the kind used in the AWA method) and share them by email with anyone who wants some nifty writing encouragement delivered straight to their inbox.  Write on Wednesdays!

If you’re interested, sign up here.


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