Happy Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe, for me at least, but today is this blog’s 7th birthday!

I started blogging as a newbie playworker, one of PATH’s team of inclusive rangers working in East London under Penny Wilson.  One of my responsibilities was contributing to the project’s blog, and finally Penny suggested that if I wanted to be writing all this other stuff – about the intersections between play and gender, consumerism, and so on – I should start my own!  So I did, and here we are.

I blogged through my time at Islington Play Association, an exploratory tour of the US and the launch of Pop-Up Adventure Play.  These posts, even when sporadic, explore those changes and more.  They offer a public record of my curious, questioning, baffling and inspiring time in play/work so far.

Recently, I thought about scrapping the whole thing, packing it up and folding it away.   The air seemed to have gone out of it somehow, and I was bored of my own voice.  Tours will do that to you, all that yabbering on.  But recently again I’ve been feeling that old familiar rush of wanting to write, of writing.

Some of that is giving time and focus to these weekly writing prompts I’m sending out.  One recipient (a friend from my AWA training course) said “I love that you send me prompts – it gets the creative writing juices flowing and I want to write more”.  Isn’t that the best compliment to receive?  (You can sign up here, if you like).

Now, seeing those archives spiraling back through my years in this beautiful and strange field, I get a warm tingle of accomplishment.  Themes emerge across the blog posts, showing how cyclical learning is, how iterative.  This blog has provided me a small space to fiddle about with ideas, and to share with great enthusiasm the ‘new’ realization I had a year ago, that someone else had a decade ago, and that we’ll probably be excited about again tomorrow.

That’s okay.  We all keep learning, talking, sharing together.  We all keep wandering in the same circles – but when we do it together, with all possible grace, we can call it dancing.

This year, in celebration of some of the dances of other times, I’m going to dig through the archives and repost one old piece most Thursdays.  We’ll see what we find there, what bones and coins may emerge.


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Hurrah! Well done. You’re right, it’s nice to look back and see a history accumulating.

    And thanks for the writing prompt. I think even just anticipating a prompt is sometimes a good start – if you know you’re going to be prompted to write something, the brain starts up already. Roll on Wednesday (that is, if it’s always going to be Wednesday)!

  2. Thank you – that’s very kind!

    If you want the weekly writing prompt, you’ll need to sign up for it through the link above (I didn’t want to spam other blog readers who weren’t interested). Write on!

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