Vote for Santa Clarita Adventure Play!

Almost exactly 3 years ago, Jeremiah handed in Module 3 of his Playworker Development Course.  The assignment sent him out into his local environment, to choose a site and evaluate its potential for play.   He wrote:

“The location I’ve chosen is an empty lot in my neighborhood that I’ve had my eye on for several months (if I had the time and money and know-how, this would be our neighborhood’s adventure playground).”

Take a look at it now!

In that video, you might spot Suzanna, Grant Lambie and myself during our US Tour stop in L.A..  Eureka Villa is an amazing site – in fact, we love it, Jeremiah and Erica so much that we’re co-hosting the Campference there!

We’re also asking for your help. 

Right now, this project stands to win $100,000.  This would allow the team to do two marvelous things: run a series of pop-up adventure playgrounds all around LA country, and open the FIRST ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND IN L.A.


Seriously.  Click that link.  It’s literally the easiest thing you’ve ever done to support a project, and has the potential to really impact this project and the city of LA in a really beautiful way.

This is a program that is rooted in best practice, coming straight from the heart.  Over the years, we’ve felt honored to work with Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play.  We love and totally respect their approach.  Heck, we’ve even sent them Andy!  In short, this is an adventure playground being driven forward by a team of totally dedicated people who believe in it and want to do their part.

You can do yours.


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