Supporting play community in Canada

This year marks a decade since I got into playwork.  A DECADE, goodness.  There are probably more thoughts on that coming soon.  Mostly though, I count myself fortunate to have wandered into the most marvelous community of people – curious, passionate, ingenious, dedicated (and yes, a little mad too sometimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way).  That’s why a big part of our work at Pop-Up Adventure Play is focused on building, encouraging and growing that community – both online and in person.

This summer, we’re going to Canada!  We’re not the only playworkers participating in the IPA Conference in Calgary, but we might be taking the longest route from the airport.  That’s because we’re starting in Halifax (the opposite coast) and making our way west.  En route, we’ll be stopping in several truly rural locations to talk adventurous play and playwork with some good folks who have been isolated from professional community for far too long.

Every tour allows us to visit people who couldn’t afford to bring us out there directly.  They put us up in their homes and feed us at their kitchen tables.  We keep our costs low to stay accessible, but this time hosts tell us they’re struggling to contribute towards our costs of flights, food and fuel between locations.

That’s why we’re reaching out to our community, and asking for a little help.  

Since 2010 we have spread the word about play, playwork and children’s right to be free.  We’ve done this almost entirely on professional development revenue and donations from people like you, giving labor freely and gladly.  If you’ve been encouraged by our work or inspired by something we’ve put online, consider donating here.  The Thank You perks are pretty awesome, too!

We’d also be so grateful if you shared this information around.  And isn’t that the most extraordinary picture?  Suzanna took it at Campference, and every time I look at it I smile.  It seems to reach that quality of magic you feel on a marvelous site, every ordinary and astonishing day.


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