Bounding into the cold and bright

I love this little patch in between holidays, when the nights are long and the world seems quiet.  Freezing rain encased everything in a thick clear candy shell, and gave the thick powder snow a crust like creme brûlée.


It’s a good time for reflecting and planning, and if you can do that while eating mashed potato all the better!  In the next year, I won’t be taking any long-term residencies because it’s time for me to live in Vermont instead.  However, I couldn’t give up traveling completely!

What’s your plan for summer staff training?

As Pop-Ups, we’ve done keynotes and workshops with educators, parks staff, librarians and community center volunteers.  I’m now taking expressions of interest for two mini-tours which you could be a part of.  Are you in:

MA or CT (late March/early April)

OH, IN, IL or Upstate NY (late April/May)

Workshops, film screenings, play audits and public events – there are so many ways to welcome more play in your setting and community!

Sessions are always bespoke, and common themes include:

– Incorporating opportunities for risk incrementally

– The history and future of adventure playgrounds

– Working with parents and the public

Whatever your plans, I hope that you have a marvelous year to come, and that you tell me all about it.


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