What happens when we prioritize play?

This morning, I spoke with someone who said she’d been following my blog ‘for years’.  I started this way back in 2009, and for a long time it was a place to deposit the stories I carried home from play sessions – those moments which captivated or haunted me.  It’s been a document of my shift from ranging work to long-distance support, and a way for me to process attempts to prioritize play in my own life as well as those of children.

The same questions drive me as always.  What is play?  How does can look and feel?  What does it mean, to make play your first and guiding priority?

That’s why I couldn’t be happier to announce that Pop-Ups is partnering with KOOP for an upcoming conference on EXACTLY THAT.


I’ll be one Keynote, followed by (oh my goodness) Peter Gray!

We’re enormous fans of Kelsey and Naomi, and VERY pleased to help offer information on adventurous play and Playwork across the Mid West.  There’s still time to book your spot at the Early Bird rate, and to help spread the word about this event!

Register here

Press release

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