The Spark

I’ve been supporting self-directed play in adventure playgrounds and other settings since 2007, in New York and London, and 12 countries around the world.  In all of these places I meet adults who feel overwhelmed, resentful, isolated, exhausted and short-tempered.  These are symptoms in play deprivation, in adults as well as in children.  I provide support to adults building more playful lives for themselves here.

When do you get to play?

Morgan Leichter-SaxbyIt’s so easy, particularly in the ‘caring’ professions, to place other people’s needs above our own.  It can feel strange to deliberately give ourselves permission to build, try, create, tear, stumble, and laugh.

As someone struggling to balance non-profit management, training consultancy and a PhD program, I’ve often done the same!

That’s why I’ve started sharing ideas to keep that spirit of play alive in us – for the benefit of those we work for, ourselves and one another.

“Wow, what a great prompt!  Thanks!”  (Cary Tennis)

“I love that you send me prompts – it gets the creative writing juices flowing and I want to write more. Thank you.” (Barbara-Helen H.)

You can read more of my thoughts on play and risk from recent quotes in the New York Times, The Atlantic and Atlas Obscura.

If you’re looking for more support in finding your own authentic, rich, messy and beautiful play then check it out.  The Spark newsletter also goes out occasionally and includes writing prompts, social dares, and the first scoop on new webinars and resources.