The Pop-Up Play Shop Toolkit collects stories and lessons learned from our Pop-Up Play Shop pilots.  It’s designed to help anyone interested in converting an empty shopfront into an all-ages, all-abilities place to play.

A Playworker’s Guide to Dens and Forts provides ideas for playworkers, teachers, parents and anyone else interested in supporting children’s constructions.

Quoted in  The Playwork Primer, an extremely useful glossary of playwork terms.  It’s written by Penny Wilson and published by the Alliance for Childhood (US).

“Memories of and Reflections of Play” in International Journal of Play, Vol 3 Issue 1 (2014)

“Practice – Ithaca Children’s Garden” in Journal of Playwork Practice, Vol 1 No 2 (forthcoming)

The New Adventure Playground Movementco-author Suzanna Law as Pop-Up Adventure Play (forthcoming)

Finally, if you’re interested in reading 18,000 words on play and the construction of privacy, socio-material systems of organization and the creation of multiple selves, can I recommend The Materiality of Play, Power and Subversion?  It was my 2007 dissertation within the Material and Visual Culture Department (Anthropology) at University College London, and examines the physical and social elements of den-making conducted by children on the fringes of the site, away from adult supervision.

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