Are you interested in one of the best jobs in the world?

Since January, I’ve been lucky enough to work at the Parish School’s Adventure Playground. It’s a beautiful site, built by the fascinating and brilliant children who attend. You can see a little of it, and hear their voices here:

There are so many stories here, caught in the names of places in this landscape – the ship, that was once a hotel. The castle, that is sometimes a treehouse. The toolshed which, one afternoon last month, was briefly a Baby Store. AP opened in 2008, and is (I think) the first of the US’s New Wave of adventure playgrounds. The staff are talented, diverse and dedicated.

Would you like to be their latest member?

Parish is advertising for a remarkable playworker position for the 2016/7 school year.  In addition to staffing every day of AP (which runs Monday to Thursday), you’d also be part of recess provision and help to weave rich play opportunities into every children’s school day.  You’d work closely with Jill Wood – one of the most inspirational playworkers I have ever met and an all-around marvelous person. She’s looking for someone passionate, dedicated – someone who shares this vision of a strong, long-term place that holds children’s freedom of adventure in its heart.  She’s willing to provide training, so don’t worry if you’re early in your playworker journey – you might be exactly what AP is looking for!

Apply now, or contact Jill or myself with any questions.


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